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Four daughters? Sounds like a great name for a family business Determination, innovation and on-point marketing are helping a Western Downs farming family upend the beef export market to make a big impact overseas.

Newsletter #10 - Lifestyle - Yes or No? Weaning Time!

                                                      June/July Newsletter                        ...

Four Daughters Driving Innovation in the Beef Industry

In 2020 as the coronavirus turned the world on its head, one Western Queensland family was left scrambling. Beef pro...

Why our Pink Beef Box contains the cuts it does - Natural fall! Sustainable beef production.

NATURAL FALL – WHAT IS THAT?Put simply “natural fall” is everything that comes off the body of an animal. It is about...

Beef brand turns to paddock-to-plate products after export business ground to halt during pandemic

It started as a way to ensure a bright future for their daughters, but Karen and Dan Penfold's Four Daughters Beef b...

NEWSLETTER #9 -BEEF WEEK 2021, PESTS and how lucky are we to work and live in Queensland!

                                                April / May Newsletter       BEEF WEEK 2021, PESTS and how ...

Beef 2021 NAB ladies lunch photos

Beef 2021 NAB ladies lunch photos Sally Gall@sallyQCL7 May 2021, 7 p.m. Beef Australia 2021 Being open to chal...

Innovation keeps these Four Daughters ahead of the curve

Beef Week 2021 Innovation keeps these Four Daughters ahead of the curve Beef Central, 31/03/2021 WHEN their four d...

Newsletter #8 - Jemima, #3 working in the "North" and fingers crossed for NSW and VIC deliveries!

                                                    March 2021 Newsletter  JEMIMA  Daughter#3 - Life on a ...

Meat and Livestock Australia - Building an Adaptable Brand

Building an adaptable brand 04 March 2021 Dan and Karen Penfold and their daughters Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Mati...

The Guardian - Australia DAUGHTERS OF THE LAND

Newsletter #7 - Machinery Maintenance and what that means for us.

                                                       February Newsletter                       Update on ...
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