Newsletter #8 - Jemima, #3 working in the "North" and fingers crossed for NSW and VIC deliveries!

                                                    March 2021 Newsletter  JEMIMA  Daughter#3 - Life on a ...

Meat and Livestock Australia - Building an Adaptable Brand

Building an adaptable brand 04 March 2021 Dan and Karen Penfold and their daughters Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Mati...

The Guardian - Australia DAUGHTERS OF THE LAND

Newsletter #7 - Machinery Maintenance and what that means for us.

                                                       February Newsletter                       Update on ...

Four Daughters saddle up to continue familys long history on the land.

Four daughters keeping the farm alive - SMH

Newsletter #6 - Back to School - What this means for bush families and RAIN, GLORIOUS RAIN!

Newsletter #5 - By Bonnie "Induction- What is that?"

Farmers or Graziers? Newsletter #3

Weather and rain! Newsletter #4

What is natural fall? #2 Four Daughters Newsletter  

Why we do what we do! #1 Four Daughters Newsletter
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