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As passionate beef producers we recognise the importance of environmental management in the production of our beef.

Beef for generations to come

With an ever increasing world population and Australia’s history of droughts and flooding rains, it is vital for the future of our business and continued food security, that we maintain quality and consistency in our production systems to ensure generational sustainability, profitability and market access.

Our commitment

We work daily with our animals, the land and its climate. We understand that consumers demand natural food which is produced without detriment to the environment or the welfare of animals. We have a wide understanding of many factors that ensures the meat you eat has been produced in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Pasture & Soil Management

To do this we manage our stocking rates and grazing practices to ensure our pastures do not become compromised.  We are constantly monitoring ground cover to ensure that at least 80% of the land is protected to reduce water runoff and in turn eliminate erosion.

Water Management

From 1992 to 1995 our business was halted due to drought. All dams were dry, and feed was extremely minimal. From this experience, we vowed and declared that we would not let drought impact our business so deeply again.

We built a large water storage dam to guarantee we could catch and store overland flow in times of excess rain to ensure water supply is available for long term production of animal fodder and healthy beef production. This is an integral part of our sustainability (drought proofing).

Air Quality & the Minimisation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As producers we finish cattle as young as possible. An animal that reaches slaughter earlier than others will produce less methane in its lifetime, and hence less methane per kilogram of beef. We aim to breed and feed cattle with high growth rates and efficient conversion of feed to meat ensuring we are helping to reduce the greenhouse gases emitted.

Stock management & Animal Welfare

We use low stress stock handling techniques and experienced trained staff. They constantly monitor animal health and welfare. In the area of animal husbandry, as producers, we aim to use alternatives to invasive procedures.

We aim to reduce any stressful procedures, with our main strategy being to breed an animal which is genetically polled. The Angus bulls used in our breeding program are just this, polled animals.

Australian Beef

We believe Australian Good Meat doesn’t just happen, it’s produced intentionally, in a way that cares about Australia’s livestock, environment and consumers. Head over to Australian Good Meat, where you’ll find out how this happens, as well as the answers to some commonly asked questions about the red meat industry.

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