The Four Daughters Premium Australian Angus Burger

The Four Daughters Premium Angus Burger Pattie is about connecting consumers with their food and sharing the story of provenance.

    • Guaranteed Australian Angus Beef.
    • Large 150g IQF Angus Pattie. (Individually Quick Frozen)
    • Premium burger option at an affordable price.
    • The perfect menu item with consistent flavour and quality.
    • Minimal Packaging.
    • 12 months Freezer Life.
    • Handcrafted recipe and kitchen tested.
    • No Artificial Additives or Preservatives.
    • 100% Gluten Free.
    • Halal approved.
    • Processed in an Australian ISO accredited and internationally acclaimed processing facility.
    • Export ready to share the story of Four Daughters Beef across the world.
    • Supported digital marketing pack.
    • No limit to supply.
    • Looking to partner with large food service companies both domestically and globally. 
    • Could this be the next franchise opportunity? 

Four Daughters Premium Australian Angus Burger - About our IQF Burger and Tenderform Technology.

Four Daughters Premium Australian Angus Burger "In Short"

Chef Testimonial

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