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August 2021 Newsletter
Winter means large areas of cultivated land is farmed to grow crops that produce food and fibre.
Winter crops consist of wheat, barley, oats and chickpeas.  These crops are planted so they grow through the cooler months. Towards the end of winter, if you are in the north Qld, cotton is also being “sown” for fibre!
Growing crops requires a lot of knowledge, money, a passion for seeing a tiny seed turn into a food or fibre producing plant, and a big heart.
It is a job that requires farmers to work all year for the anticipated “big” harvest. They are up against the elements and mother nature.  For a farmer to achieve a good yield they need to manage their land and soil all year round to ensure the moisture is held in the soil and their soil health and nutrients are optimum. Again, the knowledge of farming is passed down through generations, as parents work with their children to pass on all they know so food can continue to be sustainably produced. Farmers know better than anyone that they have to care for their environment or they won't have a future. The next generation are thirsty to improve, trial new things and also passionate about what they do. I can tell you that if they weren’t, they wouldn’t still be on the land.
Like everything, margins are getting smaller, so knowledge, skill and precision is needed to remain financially viable. They farm larger areas of land due to economy of scale, they use  larger machinery, they use technology added to the machinery, they use knowledge of agronomy and knowledge of environmental management to ensure they can grow every grain they can.
It is just so wonderful to see that finally there are some magnificent crops around. The crops are even, they are thick, and they are the most wonderful green colour imaginable! The crops are getting set for a big yield if the weather remains on side! There is still a way to go, but we have our fingers and toes crossed that our farmers will pull off a bumper crop and that the winter of 2021 will be one that is talked about for years to come!
Currently Canada and the USA are experiencing a severe drought and we know how they feel and what they are going through. We can only hope for them that it breaks soon!
This obviously causes a food shortage in their regions and increases the demand for Australian grains and pulses. This is also great news for the grain grower here. It is very rare  in agriculture that a bumper crop is accompanied by high prices when it comes time to harvest and sell!
So yes, consumers across Australia and the globe will be fed flour, pasta, bread, biscuits, cereals, noodles and BEER all because our farmers chose to be farmers to grow these food products so if you are not a Farmer, you can be whatever you want to be!
Thank you and CHEERS to all the farmers! 🍻


Women of Lot Feeding (WOLF)  is the initiative of the inspirational Amanda Moohen who runs managers AACo feedlots. Amanda developed the concept to network with women in other feedlots. “Working together, we are establishing Women of Lot Feeding to provide support, networking, contacts and opportunity for women in all aspects of the lot feeding industry.
The aim of Women of Lot Feeding is to support passionate women in the Feedlot industry and create a networking opportunity for them.”
Last week, the girls were honoured to be asked to share their story at the annual Beef, Bling and Bow Tie event held at Clifford Park in Toowoomba. It was a fantastic night to network amongst industry peers and celebrate the great work that so many do. We know how meticulous our girls are when they feed, so we know that all cattle would be well cared for by any women who choses a career in the feedlot sector.
Congratulations to Amanda and the committee for organising such a wonderful evening.
We have only 2 deliveries left until Christmas. How crazy is that! We would love to be able to share produce from our farm with your family.

OCTOBER 15th- 18th: 👇🏼 CLICK HERE!!

DECEMBER 11th- 14th: 👇🏼 CLICK HERE!!

Once you place an order for a Mixed Pink Beef box you will have the opportunity to add on extra products! Order quickly as extras sell out quickly too.

Our family, genuinely wants to thank you for your past support.

You can rest assured you truly are supporting four young ladies who have a passion for the land, their animals and the future of agriculture. Mum and Dad are keeping on, working hard to also keep their dream alive. We can't wait to receive orders for our mixed boxes and deliver them to you soon. 

Keep safe & well,
The Penfold Family
Dan, Karen, Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Matilda
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