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Why our Pink Beef Box contains the cuts it does - Natural fall! Sustainable beef production.

Put simply “natural fall” is everything that comes off the body of an animal. It is about sustainable beef production by ensuring all cuts are used up. The idea of natural fall is to share the story about the provenance (the history and story behind something)of the higher value beef and make it accessible to all. By offering natural fall, direct from the producer, one price is paid per kilo for the beef offering. This also means purchasing less often but purchasing bigger volumes! Most people have limited red beef meals as the most common is simply a steak or a mince dish. The idea is to encourage the chef “mum”, “dad” or “kids” to experiment with different cooking styles, textures and flavours and talk about where their food comes from. The texture of the connective tissue when cooked adds flavour to different dishes and each cut requires different cooking styles. Natural fall is about engaging with all beef cuts. It is where societal values are moving to when considering sustainable food
production and valuing food as a vital “need”. It is true paddock to plate that offers consumers and families a value proposition which is based on the quality of the animal (not 1 specific cut) and what it has to offer to the cooking and eating experience.

We worked with our butcher to develop our mixed box using all of the cuts from one animal. We came up with the cuts in the box that could shared across approx. 13 or 14 boxes at approx. 13kg - 14kg /box.

The T-bones had to be the basis of the box. These are also limited in number on a carcass so you will notice these are varying in shape, as the carcass changes shape as the butcher processes further along the body. Sometimes you will have a traditional looking T-bone and other times you will have a club T-bone where the larger side of the meat is moving from the sirloin and into the rib eye. When packing the boxes we try to ensure a box has a mix of both styles of T-bones.

Again, as we are using natural fall, some of the shapes of your beef will be different however the eating quality will remain the same.

We have been overwhelmed with lots of positive comments about our other cuts but particularly our mince and sausages! As there is a lot of this product on a carcass, we are pleased to see our customers are really happy with these cuts too!

There are 24 primal cuts produced from a carcass and all cuts need utilising. Not all cuts could be shared amongst the boxes hence we have additional products. Again, each animal only has 2 rib fillets. We have chosen to cut these in half so more families have the opportunity to ‘add’ this product to their order if they wish. (These do sell out quickly!)

Our provenance is true paddock to plate, from our family to yours! We don’t want to collect beef and have a shop front. We are aiming to develop a customer base that we can support directly and who want to share the story of food production with their family and friends through conversation, cooking and sharing delicious meals together around a family dinner table! (Our table is always full and rowdy!)
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