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As we are a true family owned paddock to plate grazing enterprise our domestic supply of black angus is only available by pre-order with a delivery every second month to selected pick up locations. 

Next delivery date:

FEBRUARY 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th 2022

If you would like to place an order, please follow the below process:

- Check out our Beef boxes in our shop! 

- Place an order

- Add extras if they are available

- Choose a pick up location or home delivery for an extra charge. If we receive enough interstate orders we hope to be able to deliver to NSW, Vic and Canberra.

Pick up & pay (payment on delivery).



Our 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus is supplied across the world, including delivery across Queensland and shipping to international export markets in China.

Buying directly from Four Daughters gives you the opportunity to support your local farmer and experience premium export quality 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus that is typically reserved for the international export market and fine-dining markets.

Our juicy, flavoursome 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus and various delicious beef products are now available for you to try from within your own home, around your own table or cooked on your own BBQ. Delivery is available to a location near you with limited quantities available as this is a genuine paddock to plate product produced every second month.

Why our Pink Beef Box contains the cuts that it does! 

Put simply “natural fall” is everything that comes off the body of an animal. It is about sustainable beef production by ensuring all cuts are used up. The idea of natural fall is to share the story about the provenance (the history and story behind something)of the higher value beef and make it accessible to all. By offering natural fall, direct from the producer, one price is paid per kilo for the beef offering. This also means purchasing less often but purchasing bigger volumes! Most people have limited red beef meals as the most common is simply a steak or a mince dish. The idea is to encourage the chef “mum”, “dad” or “kids” to experiment with different cooking styles, textures and flavours and talk about where their food comes from. The texture of the connective tissue when cooked adds flavour to different dishes and each cut requires different cooking styles. Natural fall is about engaging with all beef cuts. It is where societal values are moving to when considering sustainable food production and valuing food as a vital “need”. It is true paddock to plate that offers consumers and families a value proposition which is based on the quality of the animal (not 1 specific cut) and what it has to offer to the cooking and eating experience.

We worked with our butcher to develop our mixed box using all of the cuts from one animal. We came up with the cuts in the box that could shared across approx. 13 or 14 boxes at approx. 13kg - 14kg /box. 

The T-bones had to be the basis of the box. These are also limited in number on a carcass so you will notice these are varying in shape, as the carcass changes shape as the butcher processes further along the body. Sometimes you will have a traditional looking T-bone and other times you will have a club T-bone where the larger side of the meat is moving from the sirloin and into the rib eye. When packing the boxes we try to ensure a box has a mix of both styles of T-bones. 

Again, as we are using natural fall, some of the shapes of your beef will be different however the eating quality will remain the same. 

We have been overwhelmed with lots of positive comments about our other cuts but particularly our mince and sausages! As there is a lot of this product on a carcass, we are pleased to see our customers are really happy with these cuts too!

There are 24 primal cuts produced from a carcass and all cuts need utilising. Not all cuts could be shared amongst the boxes hence we have additional products. Again, each animal only has 2 rib fillets. We have chosen to cut these in half so more families have the opportunity to ‘add’ this product to their order if they wish. (These do sell out quickly!)

Our provenance is true paddock to plate, from our family to yours! We don’t want to collect beef and have a shop front. We are aiming to develop a customer base that we can support directly and who want to share the story of food production with their family and friends through conversation, cooking and sharing delicious meals together around a family dinner table! (Our table is always full and rowdy!)

And yes. We definitely eat our own beef!!   



This box is the ultimate premium beef experience! Packed with 7 cuts of your favourite, juicy, flavoursome, export quality, 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus Beef.

Four Daughters are proud to be able to offer a fresh supply of premium quality beef to local Queenslanders.



The Four Daughters 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus is a high-quality grain fed beef brand that packs a full and flavoursome beef experience. This is achieved by feeding our beef only the best high energy and a highly nutritious ration which is overseen by our animal nutritionist.

Our purpose is to consistently deliver premium beef that is known for its tenderness, juiciness, and flavour, delivered and loved worldwide.

Our Four Daughters 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus is guaranteed to the following standards:

- Meat Standards Australia (MSA) Graded – Scientifically Proven Tenderness Guaranteed;

- Grain Fed accredited under the National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme up to 150 days;

- Hormone Free.


Paddock to plate

As we are a true paddock to plate grazing enterprise which produces export beef monthly, our domestic supply of black angus is also only available monthly.

Because of this, our ordering system is a little different to the rest. Please complete an order enquiry form for the product/s you would like to purchase and we will collate your order and contact you. As weights of some products vary, we take payment on delivery.

We are not a butcher or meat wholesaler as such. We are a grazing family who want to share our beef directly with you. Our core product is our Premium Beef Box & Whole Rump (Currently unavailable). Our other products are limited in numbers or only available after the boxes are complete.




We breed, trade, and raise cattle on our properties ‘Old Bombine’ & ‘Mamaree’ Meandarra, and ‘Bellevue’ Yaraka located in Western Queensland, Australia. 

Our export 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus brand is known as ‘Four Daughters’, named after Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Matilda. Each of the four daughters has been born and raised on the land, fostering a deep passion for agriculture, particularly beef cattle. Each of the four daughters are passionate about ensuring that future food production is sustainable and successful.

As a family owned and operated business, we are focused on conserving our natural environment so we can ensure production can continue into the 5th generation and beyond. We aim to produce beef in the most humane and efficient way possible while achieving consistently high-quality beef. 



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Delivery Locations

We organise delivery to a mutually suitable drop off location close to your chosen location. This delivery is included in the price of each product. Our delivery locations are listed below.

Delivery Locations Include: 

Sunshine Coast (Perigean Beach, Buderim, Caloundra, Caboolture), Brisbane, Indooroopilly, Yatala, Ipswich, Goodna, Gatton, Toowoomba, Dalby, Chinchilla, Miles, Condamine, Tara, Meandarra, Roma.



Dec 1, 2021

Four Daughters Capability Statement

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NEWSLETTER #12 - Back on weather watch, why we finish our beef on grain and MLA, what do they offer the consumer?

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Dec 1, 2021

The Australian - Four Daughters shine through China crisis

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