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Where to from here in 2022? Our customers will help us decide! Price increase ahead.

As with all businesses the goal is to make sure it is financially viable. We have maintained our price point for 2021 but like all business have had to review our position heading into the new year. 

Today, as a family, we sat down after lunch and went over the financial position of our Pink Beef Box deliveries. Throughout the year the cattle market has seen increases in price like no other time in history. Due to this we knew we needed to review our position but were reluctant to make many changes throughout the year. Recently we had to sell excess 150 Day Grain Fed Black Angus cattle to an export abattoir as we did not have another market for them. Having these figures has enabled us to compare our Pink Box market with the current market rate for this premium product.

We compared our income from selling the boxes and extra cuts, and calculated all of the costs incurred while growing, feeding, processing, packaging, boxing and delivering the Pink Boxes. In the end we found that we were making $93 more per head by sending the cattle direct to the abattoir.  We spend an immense amount of time and effort  on our Pink Beef Box marketing and delivering and  it was a bit of a reality check to see this outcome.

With this knowledge, and the ever rising cattle market we find ourselves in no other position than to increase the price of our Four Daughters Pink Beef Box products.

We are having to make these changes to ensure that all the hard work that goes in behind the scenes of our signature Pink Beef Box is worth it, and the business remains financially viable. 

We understand that this price rise may affect some peoples' ability to remain dedicated customers of ours. However we want to be transparent with you and let you know what happens behind the scene when it comes to making decisions such as this one. All we can do is put our product out there and see what happens in the new year. If we are able to maintain enough orders we will continue. 

Regardless of what happens with our Pink Beef Boxes, our passion remains to connect city and county. We will continue to share our life on the farm with you through our webpage, newsletters and social media. 


Pink Beef Box (approx 13/kg) - $300
Rib Fillet $40/kg
Eye Fillet $48/kg
Brisket $19/kg
Beef Ribs $19/kg
Add On Mince - $13/kg
Add On Sausages - Beef and Gourmet - (gluten free) $12/kg

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