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Beef 2021 NAB ladies lunch photos

Beef 2021 NAB ladies lunch photos

Beef Australia 2021

Being open to challenges, not being afraid of hard work, and being adaptive were some of the messages delivered in a refreshing and natural presentation by the Four Daughters at Beef 2021's NAB Ladies Lunch.

So powerful was the message from the four Penfold sisters from Condamine, the faces of the beef brand named after them, that the suggestion that they be guest speakers at a men's lunch, especially one where the majority in the audience had daughters, was loudly applauded.

The 600-strong crowd heard how the ingenious quadrella was intrinsically involved in growing the Four Daughters 150 Day Grain Fed Premium Black Angus brand following a chance meeting between their father Dan and a Chinese couple at Beef 2018.

Karen Penfold and her four daughters Molly, Bonnie, Matilda and Jemima, with St Peters Lutheran College boarding representative Kim Holman, proud grandmothers Barbaa Donaldson and Mary Penfold, Stuart Delaney, SPLC, Dan Penfold, and NAB Roma branch manager Jason Coonan, some of the people who have contributed to the Four Daughters beef brand.
Photos by Sally Gall.

It was a story of empowerment - all four of the girls honoured the way their parents had involved them in the business after laying a foundation of hard work for a just reward.

"We eat up the work, and feel a great satisfaction at the reward," Bonnie, the oldest daughter, said.

The advice they'd been given while working with NAB Roma branch manager Jason Coonan, to enable the business to grow to encompass all the siblings' desire to work in it, and to plan for a smooth succession, was emphasised by Molly.

She also explained the Four Daughters' use of social media to pivot when the double whammy of the global pandemic and rising trade tensions with China hit, with a pink box for the domestic market.

"Our journey has been adaptive, creative and flexible," Molly said.

"We also want consumers to know our clean green beef is in safe hands."

And that was their final message - make the best use of social media to advocate for livestock producers and share the positive messages.

"We are reacting at the moment instead of pushing our good news," Bonnie said. "We all need to get on your favourite social media platform and out-noise the activists."


Photo Credit - Sally Gall Qld Country Life

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