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NEWSLETTER #12 - Back on weather watch, why we finish our beef on grain and MLA, what do they offer the consumer?

OCTOBER 2021 Newsletter
Meat and Livestock Australia – (MLA) What do they offer the consumer?
Elders Weather App and the the BOM (Bureau of Meterology) radar are starting to get a daily run. If not once, it is numerous times a day.
Unfortunately, we have missed all rain changes over the last couple of weeks. Once again, the dam levels are decreasing, and we are aware of the heat that is beginning to dry out the paddocks and pastures.The picture above shows the green of the garden compared to the paddock in the background.  Yes, it is getting very dry.
Again, it reminds us why we use our feedlot as a management tool in our beef production business.
Yes, our cows and calves are born and raised on grass and our weaners are weaned onto oats or a forage crop (most years) to ensure their growth continues and they do not take a backward step after being taken off mum. They continue to eat grass as they grow. Cattle require quality feed to increase in size, and they need high nutrition to actually fatten.
By finishing or fattening our cattle in the feedlot we are able to ensure all our animals have the highest quality feed, water and nutrition which ensures consistent, high quality beef in a shorter period of time. As the world population grows and seasons change, we need to be efficient and productive food producers. We need to manage our environment and our animal welfare, and the feedlot supports this.
Optimum health and welfare of our animals, and managing our environment through changing conditions is why we do what we do. 
We do our very best to manage all the elements involved in living on the land and producing food. We do not want hand outs and never have.

The best way you can support local producers like ourselves is to purchase product direct.

That way you know you really are genuinely supporting those who to choose to live on the land and produce food through all elements.

Maybe we are crazy and we do question this at times, but some people have to choose to do it......

.... and how good is it that we have four daughters who also are passionate about doing this into the next generation! 👏

Meat and Livestock Australia – (MLA) What do they offer the consumer?
Who knew how important a meat thermometer was?? I didn’t until we recently participated in a chat with Sam Burke, Executive Chef, MLA (Meat and Livestock Australia).
We had the absolute honour to be able to share an online catch up with Sam Burke (through Co-Vid as he worked from home) and get his feedback and advice on our Pink Beef Box products. (We did manage to get a box to Sydney for him to test and share with his family.)
If you have some spare time, attached is a link to the YouTube where he shares his passion for beef and his knowledge of preparing and cooking ‘masterpieces’ using our very own beef!

Also there is a host of great information about cooking Australian Beef - the greatest beef on earth! 
Australian Beef – shares how to cooking tips and loads of recipes!
Rare Medium Academy … (ssh .. this is actually for chefs to learn how to create “masterpieces”.)

Great information is also available on Australian Good Meat
My quick take home tips from the session!!
Sam : “When cooking a roast use a meat thermometer. It is a science and guarantees success!” (Fingers crossed)
Now these are my notes!
1.Pre heat oven to 180 degrees,
2.Bring the roast to room temperature, season roast well with oil, salt and pepper (chef tip - rub in),
3.Nestle on top of vegetables like onion, carrots and celery and put the thermometer in the thickest part of the roast.
4.Roast time - Roughly 20 minutes for 500g – but the roast is done when the meat thermometer reaches 58 degrees 'doneness.' SO….. Cook to degrees 'doneness!' 
Then…. MUST REST for 15 minutes – cover loosely with alfoil. The resting period allows for the fibres to relax and the juices to re distribute..  
I have kept a roast from our last Pink Beef Box delivery and I will be giving this a go!
B. HOW TO COOK A JUICY FLAVOURSOME STEAK – GET THE STEAKMATE APP….NOW!!! (The app will step you through this better than my notes!) This app has been developed by Australian Beef and MLA. 
Again have the beef at room temperature. Remove the beef from the fridge 10 minutes before cooking.
Season with oil, salt and pepper (rubbed in by hand)
If the beef is heavily marbled, meaning you can see intra muscular fat, no extra oil will need to be added. Black Angus is known for the marbling and the flavour and tenderness this intra muscular fat provides.
Have the grill on high  - Put steak on high heat. Once the beef hits the surface, reduce the temperature to medium.  You will need to rotate your steak.. Follow along you Steak Mate App.. I know this may sound strange but I was impressed! The app will count down for you and tell you what to do next!
Once the steak is cooked REST again..the resting is even factored into the app.  
The fibres will relax and the juices redistribute!
Beef roast: (outside flat) silverside
  • How to roast beef to perfection add what can go with it
  • T-bone with chilli and celery salt
Sliced Rump
  • Korean Rump stir fry
  • Middle eastern beef and pine nut pizza
  • Indian sausage, lentil and potato one pan
Diced beef:
  • Beef Satay Skewers with couscous
Sizzle steaks:
  • Steak sandwich with blue cheese ranch dressing
ORDER TODAY FOR DECEMBER - Selling fast!! Woohoo.. 
We have only 1 delivery left until Christmas. How crazy is that! We would love to be able to share produce from our farm with your family.

DECEMBER 3rd – 6th : 👇🏼 CLICK HERE!!

Once you place an order for a Mixed Pink Beef box you will have the opportunity to add on extra products! Order quickly as extras sell out quickly too. 

Our family, genuinely wants to thank you for your past support.
You can rest assured you truly are supporting four young ladies who have a passion for the land, their animals and the future of agriculture. Mum and Dad are keeping on, working hard to also keep their dream alive. We can't wait to receive orders for our mixed boxes and deliver them to you soon. 

Keep safe & well,
The Penfold Family
Dan, Karen, Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Matilda

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