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Four Daughters donates beef to feed homeless

FOUR Daughters Premium Black Angus has donated 19kg of beef to The Basement Soup Kitchen.  

The Basement has started doing takeaway meals for the homeless, and with the impacts of coronavirus, The Basement co-ordinator Nat Spary said they had seen an increase in demand for meals.

"We are struggling right now because the extra things we have to buy are chewing up our budget," Mr Spary said.

"So the Four Daughters actually donating this amount of meat is going to help with our takeaway packs and help people to have a meal.

"We've struggled finding large amounts of products like meat, pasta and rice."

Four Daughters is run by Dan and Karen Penfold, along with daughters Bonnie, Molly, Jemima and Matilda.

Bonnie Penfold said while the pandemic had affected their export business, the overall demand for meat was still there, so her family wanted to give what they could.

"We've donated a mixed box of beef and one rump, which comes to about 18-19kg of meat which will help them to make roughly 130 meals," Ms Penfold said.

"In everyone's life we all go through moments of hardship, and in our business at the moment, while we're able to keep moving forward and keep producing beef, it's really great to be able to support those going through their patch of struggle." 

- Article from Chroncile Newspaper

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